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Genuine Temporary Entrant Assessment

Genuine Temporary Entrant Assessment

Instruction: Enter in CAPITAL letters. Please attach separate GTE letter with this form. Accepted file types: PDF & DOCX

    Training Location

    1.Personal Details

    2.Relevent qualification and future expectation for the proposed program

    Is the program advanced and directly related to the previous studies or work experience?

    (Please explain in detail reason to study proposed program and upload your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement as a separate file)

    Please upload your file here:

    Is the proposed program in line with your future plans?

    If yes, what is your future plan?

    If no, why are you planning to study this program?

    Are there any other programs included in your application?

    If yes, then please provide details of the other program/s?

    Which organisation is the other program?

    3.Study Gap

    Is there a gap in your history of studies and/or work?

    If yes, how long and why?

    4.English Proficiency

    Have you taken a formal English language test?

    If yes, which test, what score and when it was taken(dd/mm/yyyy)?

    If no, have you studied in an English medium school?

    If yes, how many years?

    What qualification(s) was/were obtained?

    5.Dependant Background

    Are you married?

    If yes, please state when(dd/mm/yyyy)?

    Are you and your spouse living together?

    Is your spouse currently employed?

    If you have taken an IELTS, was it before or after your wedding?

    Do you have any children?(list age/s)

    Will your spouse leave his/her job and join you as a dependant?

    6.Immigrantion History

    Have you applied for a student or any other visa to Australia in the past?

    If yes, was it granted?

    If no, why not?

    If granted, why are you reapplying?

    Apart from Australia, have you applied for any student or other visa to US, UK, Canada or NZ?

    Was it granted in all cases?

    If no, why not?


    Have you researched studying in Australia before applying?

    Have you considered the following?

    How you intend to pay for the tuition fees?

    Your cost of living and general expenses whilst studying with Alliance College?

    Where you intend to live whilst studying with Alliance College if accepted?

    Whether you will live with friends/family already residing in Australia? If yes, who?

    If you intend to be a sponsored student, then who is expected to pay for your tuition costs and living expenses?

    8.Medical Coverage

    Do you want Alliance College to arrange overseas healthcover(OSHC)?

    If yes, please provide the copies of passport(s) for yourself and any dependent's accompanying you to Australia?
    If no, please provide details below:


    Do you want Alliance College to arrange accommodation?

    If yes, please provide details below:

    10.Guidlines for Statement of Purpose

    Factors that are considered during assessment of the genuine temporary entrant requirement include:
    • Your personal circumstances in your home country.

    • Your potential circumstances in Australia.

    • The value of the program to your future.

    • Your immigration history.

    • Any other matter that is relevant to your intention to remain in Australia temporarily Choice of program.

    Choice of program:
    • How will this program benefit your future?

    • How is this program related to your previous studies?

    • If this program is not related to your previous studies, why have you decided to change your career path?

    • What you know about this program?

    • What do you like about program structure?

    • Are you aware of the full cost of this program?

    Choice of education provider:
    • What research have you done into Australian Institutions that has led you to choose Alliance College?

    • Why have you chosen Alliance College over other ELICOS/VET providers in Australia?

    • What do you know about Alliance College?

    Choice to study in Australia:
    • How will studying in Australia benefit your future?

    • Why have you particularly chosen to study in Adelaide?

    • What research have you done into other countries that has led you to choose Australia as your study destination?

    • If your program is offered in your country, why don’t you want to study it there?

    • How is the education system in Australia different to that in your country and how will this benefit you?

    • How much do you expect your monthly salary to be after you complete your degree in Australia?

    • How does this compare to the salary you would receive if you did a degree in your own country?

    • Why is studying in Australia a good investment for your future?

    • What benefit you believe your study will have for your future career plans?

    • What job do you expect to get once you complete this program?

    • Do you have an offer of a job when you return to your home country? If not, how do you intend to look for a job once you return home?

    • How long is the gap between your previous study and your intended study at Alliance College? What was the purpose of the gap in study?

    • What have you been doing since you completed your most recent studies?

    Ties to your home country:
    • Are you married or single? If you are married, when did you marry?

    • What do your parents do?

    • Are you employed in your home country? Do you have a job waiting for you when you return from Australia?

    Connections you have in Australia:
    • Do you have family living in Australia? If so, what do they do and what type of visa do they hold in Australia?

    • Does your spouse intend to accompany you to Australia?

    • What is your spouse’s current occupation?

    • Will your spouse resign from their current employment to accompany you to Australia?

    • What does your spouse intend to do in Australia?

    • Do you have any children? If so, will your children accompany you to Australia?

    • Are you aware that school aged children must attend school in Australia?

    • Are you aware of the extra costs associated with bringing your spouse and/or children with you to Australia?

    Your immigration and travel history:
    • If you have travelled to Australia previously, did you comply with your Australian visa conditions and left before the visa ceased?

    • Have you previously applied for an Australian temporary or permanent visa?

    • Have you ever had any Australian visa application refused? What were the reasons/circumstances for refusal?

    • Have you previously applied for a temporary or permanent visa in countries other than Australia?

    • Have you ever had any visa application refused? What were the reasons/circumstances for refusal?

    11. Student Declaration

    I declare that the information supplied by me to Alliance College for this form and the relevant attachments are true and correct. I understand
    that the Alliance College may vary or terminate any subsequent offer of a place at Alliance College any subsequent agreements in place,
    regarding study at Alliance College if information provided by me is shown to be incorrect. Insert and format text, links, and images here.

    Contact Alliance Team

    We hope you enjoy the course and keep in contact with us afterwards. If you’re having trouble finding work or work experience we are always willing to help. When you get a job, let us know – we love to hear about our students’ successes!

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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